The cultural delights of the valley…

Do you want to discover the history of the valley? Take a few steps in the footprints of the “Tölderer” (the valley inhabitants).
Tradition and custom is still very important and widespread here – the people are open and let you get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Such as by Knöppeln, a complex craft practised in the Valle Aurina / Ahrntal making ornate lace doilies.

In the rear part of the valley is a show mine with a climactic chamber, and in Cadipietra / Steinhaus a museum of mountain mining, where you can discover the history of ore mining in the Valle Aurina / Ahrntal, which at one time made the whole valley flourish.
In San Giovanni / St. Johann there’s amuseum of minerals, which tells the history of our mountains through these breathtaking rocks.
The Maranatha museum of nativity scenes in Lutago / Luttach will impress you: examples of local wood carving and nativity scenes from far and wide – worth far more than just a quick look.

The summer is the season of the local festivals, such as the “Kischta” (parish church patron saint’s festival), which is celebrated in every village. The star is a puppet, “Kischta Michl” hanging on a tree. He has to be defended by brave Lederhosen and Dirndle clad youth to prevent those from the other villages getting their hands on him…
Another great celebration is the Almabtrieb where the animals are brought down from the high meadows at the end of summer. You can be sure not to leave hungry when such culinary delights as “Topfnudeln” are laid on.
The same happens with “Törggelen” in autumn, where the scent of roasting chestnuts and wine floats through the air…

As you can see, culture vultures won’t be disappointed here in our valley!